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Atmospheric Research

  • Broadband and spectral solar radiation on horizontal and inclined surfaces (simulation and measurements).
  • Daylight (measurements and applications).
  • Atmospheric optics, atmospheric physics, atmospheric turbidity.
  • Energy balance and climatic change.
  • UV and IR spectral bands (measurements and analysis).
  • Atmospheric pollution (simulation and measurements).

  • New versions of the Meteorological Radiation Model (MRM) freeware code developed by ART. MRM calculates broadband solar radiation on horizontal surface from meteorological data only. This code has been used by The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (UK) to fill gaps in solar radiation measurements in the British Solar Radiation Network.
  • First spectral solar radiation measurements in Greece.
  • Application of the Unsworth-Monteith turbidity parameters for the first time in Greece.
  • Investigation about tracking and non-tracking modes of the solar panel on a solar thermosyphon for best techno-economical efficiency.
  • Investigation about the air pollution levels and effects at a coastal urban area.
  • Design and construction of a light pipe for daylighting applications.
  • Technical specifications for a Greek LIDAR-DIAL system.
  • Corrections to the calculations of the zero-plane displacement and roughness length.
  • Climatological and meteorological statistical studies.
  • Internal boundary-layer studies in the Greater Athens Area (GAA).
  • Recent findings about the atmospheric turbidity evolution and aerosol radius distribution in GAA.

Recent Results from Research Studies


Total NO2 column over Athens, Greece, during January 20 (solid line, squares) and June 19, 1997 (dashed line, triangles).
The Angstrom wavelength exponent in the Athens area, Greece, during January 20 (symbol: x) and June 19, 1997 (symbol: ?).
Thermal map of the Municipality of Kalamaria, in the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece in June 1997.



























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