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  • Historic Note
  • National Observatory of Athens
    since 1842
    More than 170 years of Service
    in Research and Society

  • Weather Forecasting
    Meteo.gr provides 6-days weather forecasts
    for 500 cities across Greece, together with UV forecasts
  • Energy Conservation
    Fundamental & Applied Research
    High performance buildings. Practical tools.
    Consulting services.
  • Weather Radar Group
    In situ measurement & remote sensing of rainfall
    Monitoring & Nowcasting of localized
    severe weather events up to 100 km distances.
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    Moving to the Future with respect to the Past.
    150-yrs Historical Climatic Data
  • Atmospheric Environment
    Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Aerosols
    Monitoring on hazardous for public health chemical compounds.
  • Atmospheric Pollution
    Monitoring of main air pollutants
    Accredited services
    by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A
  • Future Climate Projections
    Impact indicators for several sectors
    Climate change impacts of relevance to agriculture
    such as changes in the number of frost nights and
    length of growing season.
  • Greenhouse Gases Emissions
    Carbon footprint service
    Assessment of measures for adaptation
    to climate change and mitigation
  • Moving Towards NZEB
    Hamburg Bramfeld, Germany
    Architectural integration of solar
    thermal energy systems


Weather Forecast

Meteo.gr provides 6-days weather forecasts for 500 cities across Greece, together with UV forecasts. Moreover, interactive map provides detailed wind and wave forecasts for the Greek Seas

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Hellenic tool that can be used for a first assessment of the energy performance of a residential building and its potential for improvement (energy conservation measures).

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Web-platform for Climate change impacts

Google-maps application constructed by NOA and WWF for the climate change and its effects (NOA-WWF).

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