Researchers Involved in Climate and Climate Change Research Area

Dr. Founda DimitraSenior Researcher

Dr. Founda Dimitra
+30 210 8109132

Dimitra Founda, Senior Researcher Ph.D. in Atmospheric Boundary Layer, M.Sc. in Meteorology, B. Sc., in Physics (University of Athens). Research interests and areas of expertise: research and development in the areas of Climatic change, Time series analysis, Climatology of Extreme Events, Urban climate, Meteorology, Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL), Turbulent flows, Wind flow over complex terrain. Participation in more than 20 International and National Research Projects. Reviewer of international scientific journals. Teaching experience on meteorology and climate change. Responsible for the historical climatic data base of IERSD/NOA.

Dr. Georgopoulou ElenaSenior Researcher

Dr. Georgopoulou Elena
+30 210 8109215

Chemical Engineer (NTUA), with a MSc in Environmental Management and a PhD in Energy Planning with Renewable Energies. From the beginning of her career she worked on environmental and energy related issues. Since 2000 she works as a researcher at IERSD/NOA. Her research topics include climate change mitigation, impacts and adaptation; regional and national energy planning; mitigation of air and industrial pollution; waste management; cost-benefit analysis of environmental measures; decision-aid methodologies and tools.

Dr. Giannakopoulos ChristosResearch Director

Dr. Giannakopoulos Christos
+30 210 8109128

Research interests focus on the study of atmospheric chemistry and climate change using global and regional models. The chemical models have a detailed description of physics and chemical reactions and their results are used to understand the mechamisms involved in the transport and chemical transformation of pollutants. The main interests include the study of the origins and transport of pollution in the Eastern Mediterranean region using data from ground measurements or aircraft campaigns. In the field of climate change we use and process data from global climate models in order to obtain a better estimate of the future climate of the earth. The main focus is the study of change of extreme events due to anthropogenic impacts both regionally in Greece and in Europe. Moreover the impacts of climatic changes on several sectors are also examined. These sectors include forest fire risk, energy usage, population health and tourism. These two fields of interest complement each other since for the study of climatic changes, several greenhouse gas scenarios are used, whose composition arises from a detailed study of the chemistry of atmosphere.

Dr. Mirasgentis SevastianosResearch Director

Dr. Mirasgentis Sevastianos
+30 210 3256218

Research Director at NOA. Dr. Mirasgedis holds a Ph.D. in energy and environmental economics and a degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He has been working on simulation of energy systems for energy planning and emission projections, economic and environmental evaluation of energy efficiency and renewable technologies, analysis of co-benefits of clean energy technologies, environmental economics, etc. He has participated in a large number of studies on environmental external cost assessment and has published extensively on these subjects. He has been a lead author in the 4th and 5th IPCC Assessment Reports on Climate Change as well as in Global Energy Assessment (2013), and he has been selected as a lead author in the current 6th IPCC Assessment Report covering issues related to the building sector. He has participated in 43 Research Projects funded by National sources, European Commission, UNFCCC, International Atomic Energy Agency, acting as Project Leader (8 projects) or Senior Researcher (35 projects). He has co-authored 46 papers published in refereed journals.

Dr. Retalis AdrianosResearch Director

Dr. Retalis Adrianos
+30 210 8109201

Dr Adrianos Retalis is Senior Researcher at IERSD/NOA. He holds a Doctorate (University of Athens, Greece) and M.Sc. degree (University of Dundee, UK) in Remote Sensing and Degree in Geology (University of Athens, Greece). Research interests & Accomplishments: He has a wide range of expertise in satellite image processing for air pollution monitoring and assessment, land use/cover mapping, development of atmospheric correction algorithms, natural hazards, environmental management and atmospheric electricity. Participation in more than 20 National and European funded projects as expert researcher or coordinator.. Author of more than 100 publications in scientific journals and international conferences. Reviewer for peer-reviewed journals and proposals. Teaching on Remote Sensing. Member of several international remote sensing scientific bodies.

Dr. Sarafidis IoannisSenior Researcher

Dr. Sarafidis Ioannis
+30 210 8109190

Senior Researcher at NOA. He is a Chemical Engineer and holds a Ph.D. diploma in the field of Energy planning and Decision Support Systems. His activities include emission inventories (greenhouse gases and air pollutants) and projections; energy modeling and planning; assessment of policies and measures for tackling climate change (mitigation and adaptation); assessment of climate change impacts. He has participated in a number of relevant research projects and has published more than 40 articles in international journals and conference proceedings.



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