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  • ?e??te? ep?pt?se?? t?? ???�at???? a??a??? se s??s? �e t?? das???? p???a???? ?p?? a??a??? st?? ???d??? p???a???? ? st? d????e?a t?? pe???d?? p???a????.
  • ???????ta e?d??? p??sa?�?s�??a ??a t?? a????e? t?? e?d?afe??�e??? pa?a???t?? ?a? t?? ?pe?????? ??a t? ???a?? p???t???? ?p?? p? t? f????? p??? t?? ???st? efa?�??? se �??f? ???t? � Google maps � (??ad??t?a?? p?atf??�a ??a t?? ep?pt?se?? t?? ???�at???? a??a???) ? ?p??a d?�?????????e ap? t? ??? ?a? t? WWF ??a t?? a????e? t?? a?�?d??? ??a t? s?ed?as�? ?a? t? ???a?? p???t???? ??a t?? ??e??? t?? das???? p???a????.

Άμεσοι σύνδεσμοι

??t?�?s? ???t?t?ta? ??ast????t?t?? / ?p??e???se?? st?? ???�at??? ???a??

  • ????t??? ?a? p?s?t??? e?t?�?s? t?? t??t?t?ta? t?? d?ast????t?t?? / ep??e???se?? / epe?d?se?? st?? a??a?? t?? ???�at?? �e �?s? ta p?? p??sfata d?a??s?�a p???s�ata s?et???? e?e???t???? p????a��?t?? ?a? t?? ep?st?�????? �?�?????af?a.
  • ??t?�?s? t?? ??st??? t?? ep?pt?se?? t?? ???�at???? a??a??? - ??t?�?s? t?? ???d???? ?a? t?? e??a????? p?? p????pt??? ap? t?? ???�at??? a??a?? ??a t?? d??f??e? ep??e???se?? ?a? ??????�????? t?�e??.
  • ???sd????s�?? ?a? a???????s? t?? �?t??? ??a t?? p??sa?�??? st?? a??a?? t?? ???�at?? �?s? t?? a??pt????/ efa?�???? t?? ?at??????? �e??d??????? ?a? e??a?e??? ?p?�????s?? ????? ap?f?se??.

??e???t?? p?? s?��et?????
Dr. Giannakopoulos Christos??e????t?? ??e????

??. G?a??a??p????? ???st??

+30 210 8109128

Dr. Founda Dimitra????a ??e???t??a

??. F???t? ??�?t?a

+30 210 8109132

Dr. Georgopoulou Elena????a ??e???t??a

??. Ge????p????? ??e?a

+30 210 3256216

Dr. Mirasgedis Sevastianos?????? ??e???t??

??. ????as?e?t?? Se�ast?a???

+30 210 3256218

Dr. Sarafidis Ioannis?????? ??e???t??

??. Sa?af?d?? ???????

+30 210 3256217

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