Download XENIOS Software Version 1.3


1. Uninstall any previous installation of XENIOS (from control panel select "add remove programs", select Xenios and click Uninstall or remove button)

2. Download the SETUP.EXE file


Please notice that if you don't have a fast Internet connection you may experience problems downloading the setup.exe file (72 MB)

If you experience problems with the download procedure due to the large size of the SETUP.EXE file follow the alternative steps:

1. Download the following files to the same directory of your PC (i.e. "C:\Downloads")

part 1 of 9, part 2 of 9, part 3 of 9, part 4 of 9, part 5 of 9, part 6 of 9, part 7 of 9 , part 8 of 9 and part 9 of 9

(each file has a size of approximatelly 5 Mb)

2. Run install.exe