Climate Change Assessments: Impacts, Vulnerability, Economics

Climate Change and Impacts

  • Future mapping projections up to 2100 of climate change focusing on mean and extremes using various regional climate models and greenhouse gases scenarios.
  • Regional climate model data provision for several greenhouse gases scenarios for specific case study regions in Greece upon request.
  • Climate change impact indicators of relevance to agriculture such as changes in the number of frost nights and length of growing season.
  • Climate change impact indicators of relevance to energy demand such as changes in the cooling or heating demands.
  • Climate change impact indicators of relevance to population health such as changes in discomfort associated with heat and humidity.
  • Climate change impact indicators of relevance to the tourism sector such as changes in the tourist comfort potential or the length of the tourism season
  • Climate change impact indicators of relevance to forest fires such as changes in fire risk or fire season length
  • Tailored made products for stakeholders and policy makers such as the user-friendly Google-maps application (OIKOSKOPIO) constructed by NOA and WWF for the needs of forest fire planners and policymakers

Assessment of the Vulnerability of Activities / Enterprises to Climate Change

  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the vulnerability of activities/ enterprises/ investments to climate change on the basis of the most recent available findings of relevant research projects and scientific literature.
  • Assessment of the cost of climate change impacts - Estimation of risks and opportunities stemming from climate change for various businesses and exonomic sectors
  • Identification and assessment of measures for adaptation to climate change by means of development/ application of suitable decision-aid methodologies and tools.

Researchers Involved
Dr. Giannakopoulos ChristosSenior Researcher

Dr. Giannakopoulos Christos
+30 210 8109128

Dr. Founda DimitraSenior Researcher

Dr. Founda Dimitra
+30 210 8109132

Dr. Georgopoulou ElenaSenior Researcher

Dr. Georgopoulou Elena
+30 210 8109215

Dr. Mirasgedis SevastianosSenior Researcher

Dr. Mirasgedis Sevastianos
+30 210 3256218

Dr. Sarafidis IoannisSenior Researcher

Dr. Sarafidis Ioannis
+30 210 8109190



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