Greenhouse Gases Emissions - Energy Planning

Calculation of GHG gases & other Gases Emissions - Managing Corporate, Service & Product Carbon Footprint

  • Carbon footprint service for businesses aiming at the reduction of GHG emissions at activity, service or product level, which includes: 1) identification of direct and indirect sources of GHG emissions at corporate, service or product level; 2) calculation of GHG emissions; 3) identification of measures for reducing carbon footprint; and 4) monitoring of measures.
  • Development and monitoring of Action Plans for GHG emissions reduction at national, regional and local level.
  • Development of databases and calculation tools for the compilation of GHG emissions and other gases emissions inventories at national, regional and local level.

Energy and Emissions Projections

  • Short-term projection of energy production from renewable sources (wind, solar), at project- or system-level on the basis of measurements of meteorological parameters, meteorological forecasts and production data from existing projects.
  • Development of tools for short-term forecasting of electricity demand and power by integrating economic and meteorological parameters.
  • Analysis of the impacts associated with the implementation of economic and / or regulatory energy / environmental policies and estimation of future emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants through sophisticated energy modeling.

Researchers Involved
Dr. Georgopoulou ElenaSenior Researcher

Dr. Georgopoulou Elena
+30 210 8109215

Dr. Mirasgedis SevastianosSenior Researcher

Dr. Mirasgedis Sevastianos
+30 210 3256218

Dr. Sarafidis IoannisSenior Researcher

Dr. Sarafidis Ioannis
+30 210 8109190



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