Climatic Data Provision

Historical 150-yrs climatic records for Athens

Long term historical climatic data for Athens are available to Public Organizations, Universities, Research Institutes and individuals. The duration of the climatic records spans a period of over one century for certain meteorological parameters. The historical climatic time series include observations and measurements of the following meteorological variables:

Historical 150-yrs climatic records Surface Air temperature, Soil temperature at several depths, Surface atmospheric pressure, Precipitation, Wind speed and wind direction, Relative Humidity, Evaporation, Cloud cover & Cloud Types, Visibility, Sunshine Duration, Total and Diffuse Solar Radiation, Total and Diffuse Illuminance

In order to apply for climatic data for Athens (Thission and Penteli Sites), please download pdf.

Issue of Annual Climatological Bulletins in CD-ROM, including all meteorological data recorded at the stations of Thission and Penteli in Athens. Annual Climatological Bulletins are distributed to numerous recipients, including National and International Organizations, Libraries, Universities and Research Institutes

Recent Climatic Data from more than 355 Sites in Greece

Climatic archives for more than 355 sites, from the network of automated surface meteorological station deployed over Greece. (Picture Greece, Stations sites) Solar radiation data are also available for 28 sites. Climatic archives from the network of automated stations are available at

Researchers Involved
Dr. Founda DimitraSenior Researcher

Dr. Founda Dimitra
+30 210 8109132

Dr. Lagouvardos KostasResearch Director

Dr. Lagouvardos Kostas
+30 210 8109127

Dr. Psiloglou VassilisSenior Researcher

Dr. Psiloglou Vassilis
+30 210 8109133

Staff Involved

Mr. Pierros Frangiskos
Mr. Mitsopoulos Vassilis
Mr. Kontogiannidis Simon
Mr. Kappos Nikos
Ms. Kopania Theodora
Dr. Papagiannaki Katerina



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