Energy Conservation in Buildings

Thermal & CFD Simulations

Specialized studies of high performance new buildings and cost effective energy refurbishment actions, for E/M & Architectural offices. Thermal simulations using TRNSYS and Computational Fluid Dynamics using PHOENICS and FLUENT. Support detailed investigations of alternative scenarios and the decision making process. Gain better understanding of the energy performance of buildings and equipment during the design or renovation phases, through simulations and benchmarking-asset rating. More information available at: OEE and GREC

IEQ & Energy Monitoring

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessment, energy monitoring of buildings, electrical and mechanical (E/M) installations. Use of portable instruments for long term temperature and humidity measurements, multi-analyzer for spot measurements of temperature, lighting and air velocity. Qualitative IEQ assessment (e.g. comfort conditions and air quality perception) using standardized occupant questionnaires. Gain better understanding of the prevailing indoor conditions and occupant satisfaction; identify potential sources of problems and priorities for interventions; assess energy performance of buildings and equipment through direct measurements and benchmarking-operational rating. More information available at: OEE and GREC

IR Inspections

Non-destructive testing and inspections of buildings, electrical and mechanical (E/M) installations using infrared (IR) thermography. Problem identification of building envelope components & E/M installations under real and full-load operating conditions. More information available at: OEE and GREC

Diagnostic Audits

Walk-through energy audits and operational diagnosis of buildings, electrical and mechanical (E/M) installations, first cost estimates to support and prioritize decisions for possible actions (e.g. maintenance, refurbishment or retrofit actions) based on their cost effectiveness. Techno-economic analysis based on European methodologies and software for residential buildings (EPIQR), offices (TOBUS) and hotels (XENIOS). Gain a global understanding of buildings' degradation state, accounting for functional obsolescence, evaluating potential energy and natural resources conservation, assessing indoor environmental quality and environmental impact, in a multi-criteria analysis. Fast first assessment of residential energy performance and refurbishment opportunities (eKIA) based on Hellenic building typologies. More information available at: OEE and GREC

Normative Advice & Training

Normative advise-consultancy on sustainable buildings, standardization efforts and regulations (national, European, international) to meet the challenges of nearly-zero energy buildings (NZEBs). Specialized training-educational seminars and workshops for engineers, architects and energy experts on passive and active systems, solar thermal heating-cooling technologies, building life cycle analysis and the official software for building energy audits (TEE-KENAK). Gain insight and expert advice on high performance buildings towards NZEBs. More information available at: OEE and GREC

Practical Tools & Design Data

Development of practical design guidelines, software and multimedia tools for energy conservation and high performance buildings, including solar cooling (SACE), solar control, Typical Meteorological Years (TRYs) for Athens, solar radiation data incident on tilted and tracking surfaces for various Hellenic cities. More information available at: OEE and GREC

Researchers Involved
Dr. Balaras ConstantinosResearch Director

Dr. Balaras Constantinos
+30 210 8109152

Dr. Dascalaki Elena Senior Researcher

Dr. Dascalaki Elena
+30 210 8109143

Staff Involved

Ms. Droutsa Kalliopi
Mr. Kontogiannidis Simon



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