Research Infrastructure
Computing Facilities
General Facilities
  • IERSD is located at Penteli, on Koufos hill, about 20 km north of the city of Athens . Certain activities are still located at the Thissio site, close to the Historical Centre of the city, on the hill of Nymphs, near Acropolis. There are also some offices in Omonoia square, in the center of Athens.

    Only few offices of the IERSD are still hosted in the historical buildings at Thissio site of NOA , located on the small hill of Nymphs, overlooking the Acropolis.
  • Laboratories

    A. Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

    The Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory (A.C.L.) of the National Observatory of Athens (N.O.A.) founded in 1996 by I.E.R.S.D. for measuring atmospheric and other pollutants, participates in research projects, conducting both basic and applied edge research, among others within the fields of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Air and Water Quality. More details in ACLAB

    B. Laboratory for Meteorological Devices Calibration

    The Laboratory for Meteorological Devices Calibration (LMDC) founded in 1996, calibrates meteorological instruments such as: thermometers and thermographs, hygrometers and hygrographs, pyranometers, photometers and rain gauges. LMDC also offer to the public education and technical support to the use of meteorological sensors and instrumentation, and consulting services of meteorological equipment. More details in LMDC

    Operational monitoring

    One complete first class historical meteorological station (Thissio site) operating since 1858•Two complete actinometric stations (Thissio & Penteli sites)•Network of 255 automated surface meteorological stations deployed over Greece•Network (ZEUS) of six VLF lightning detectors•Water stage , flow measuring and snow height stations

    Field experiment equipment


    Mobile X-band dual polarisation Doppler weather radar •Portable network of 25 rain gauges •2D video disdrometer •Parsivel laser disdrometer

    Air Quality - Solar Radiation

    Mobile Air Quality monitoring station equipped with fully automated analyzers for NO, NO2, SO2, O3, THC, CH4, PM10 and meteorological sensors (photo car) •DOAS system for the monitoring of NO2, SO2, O3, benzole, toluole and xylole •Condensation Particle Counter •Noise analysers •Ceilometer for the measurement of cloud height using a laser beam •MFR-7 Multi-Filter rotating shadow band radiometer •Two automatic actino-meteorological stations •Air temperature and illuminance monitoring station

    Energy - Buildings

    Infrared (IR) and luminance Cameras & Experimental photovoltaic bench

  • A computing center with infrastructure for operational weather forecasting that includes : (a) a 14 dual-CPU Linux cluster, (b) 7 dual-CPU Linux cluster, c) a 8 quad-CPU Linux cluster for the operational execution of weather forecast models. •3 windows servers Dell supporting the web page •2 servers (1 dual-core, 1 quad-core) for receiving and archiving the data from the network of the automated surface stations •1 windows server for receiving and archiving METEOSAT satellite data •1 Linux server (dual-core) for processing and archiving ZEUS network lightning data •1 web and mail server

  • Historical archives and documents of climatic observations and information dating back to mid 19th century •Digitized data base of historical meteorological measurement •Library with historical books and long series of scientific journals •Software for numerous research applications. a) MIKE SHE (Integrated Catchment Modelling) and MIKE BASIN (integrated river basin planning) b) DSSAT (Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer), for assessing climate change impacts on vineyards c) SPSS Statistics d) ELECTRE III-IV (multicriteria decision-aid) e) M-MACBETH (Measuring Attractiveness by a Categorical Based Evaluation Technique) (multicriteria decision-aid) f) GAMS solvers (BASE, XPRESS) (linear and mixed-integer programming) g) ENPEP (Energy Power Evaluation Programme) h) Thermal simulations (TRNSYS), CFD (PHOENICS, FLUENT), building energy audits (EPIQR, TOBUS, XENIOS, INVESTIMMO), building energy performance and energy labeling (EPA-ED, EPA-NR, eKIA)



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