Laboratory of Meteorological Device Calibration


The Laboratory of Meteorological Device Calibration (LMDC) has been founded in 1996 and operates since at the premises of the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD) at Lofos Koufou in the area of Palea Penteli. The main goal of LMDC is to offer calibration services for meteorological instruments and actinometers to the private and public sector, the provision of education and technical support to the use of meteorological sensors and instrumentation, and finally the provision of consulting services of meteorological equipment.

The LMDC calibrates meteorological instruments such as: thermometers (mostly electronic, while liquid-in-glass thermometers are checked for good operation only), thermographs, hygrometers and hygrographs, pyranometers, photometers and rain gauges. Data collection and processing is performed with high accuracy instruments.

The laboratory is organized according to the Quality Assurance standards. LMDC's Manual of Operations has been approved by the EAA Administration Council and calibrations are carried out according to International Standards. For all calibration procedures, the LMDC staff has drafted Technical Guidelines based on ISO standards, the current scientific best practice, ISO Guide on the expression of uncertainty in measurements, and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)-No 8: "Guide to meteorological instruments and methods of observations".

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Calibration Process

  • Calibration of Actinometers
  • Calibration of Thermometers
  • Calibration of Hygrometers
  • Calibration of Precipitation Gauges
Certificates of Calibration

When a calibration process is completed, LMDC issues a 'Certificate of Calibration' for each calibrated sensor with the exception of liquid-in-glass thermometers where a certificate of good operation is provided. Note: In case of calibration of 5 or more sensors of the same type, there is a 10% discount.

Indicative Customers List

  • Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (NOA).
  • Public Power Corporation (PPC).
  • Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CRES).
  • AKTOR technical & construction company.
  • SYNERGIA technical & consulting S.A.
  • ENERDIA technical & construction company.
  • SKY Development R.E.S. S.A.
  • University of Ioannina.
  • University of Aegean.
  • University of Cyprus, PV Technology Laboratory.
  • Cyprus Meteorological Dept., Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development & Environment
Laboratory Structure

Administrative Officer

IERSD Director

Scientific Officer

Dr. B. Psiloglou / Senior Researcher

Technical Support- Analysts

Dr. M. Lianou / Scientific Technical Staff
N. Kappos / Scientific Technical Staff
S. Kontogiannidis / Scientific Technical Staff
Dr. D. Katsanos / Scientific Technical Staff



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