Prof. Mihalopoulos NikolaosDirector

Prof. Mihalopoulos Nikolaos
+30 210 8109121

Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Department of Chemistry University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece Areas of Expertise Observational Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Chemical Kinetics, Environmental Analytical Chemistry.

Dr. Balaras ConstantinosResearch Director

Dr. Balaras Constantinos
+30 210 8109152

Mechanical Engineer with a PhD (1988), MSc (1985) in thermal sciences from Georgia Institute of Technology, and BSc (1984) in energy from Michigan Technological University. Leader of Group Energy Conservation at IERSD-NOA since 1995. Research interests in the areas of energy conservation and high performance buildings, energy audits and refurbishment, solar thermal and cooling applications, analysis and numerical modeling of thermal energy systems, indoor environmental quality, HVAC systems. Instrumental in the development of the technical guidelines and the national regulation on the energy performance of buildings (KENAK) for EPBD transposition in Greece. Editorial Board member in "Energy & Buildings" and "Sustainable Cities & Society". ASHRAE Vice President (2011-2013) & Director At Large (2007-2010), Technical Chamber of Greece (Chartered Mechanical Engineer), EUR ING, Fellow ASME, Fellow ASHRAE.

Dr. Gerasopoulos EvangelosResearch Director

Dr. Gerasopoulos Evangelos
+30 210 8109124

He studied Physics at the Physics Dept. of the Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki and received his degree in 1996. Had his M.Sc. at the field of "Environmental Physics" in 1998 at the same department and commenced with his Ph.D. Thesis in the field of Atmospheric Dynamics "Stratosphere-to-Troposphere Exchange with the use radionuclides and ozone" obtaining his diploma in 2003. Worked as Post Doctoral fellow at Max Planck Institute (Biogeochemistry Dept.) during the period 2001-2002 in the field of Aerosol Science, and then moved to the Environmental Chemical Processes Lab of the University of Crete (2004-2006) conducting research on the variability of aerosols and trace gases at remote-marine environments. His main area of interest and expertise is Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry and in particular physical, optical and chemical properties of aerosols via in-situ and remote sensing measurements, investigation of the climatic role of aerosols, air quality, tropospheric ozone & ozone precursors. Employed at the National Observatory of Athens in 2006 as Senior Researcher. Promoted to Research Director in 2011. Head and Quality Manager of the Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory/NOA, member of the Steering Committee of the Navarino Environmental Observatory (Messenia, Greece), Co-Editor in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, EGU/Copernicus.

Dr. Giannakopoulos ChristosResearch Director

Dr. Giannakopoulos Christos
+30 210 8109128

Research interests focus on the study of atmospheric chemistry and climate change using global and regional models. The chemical models have a detailed description of physics and chemical reactions and their results are used to understand the mechamisms involved in the transport and chemical transformation of pollutants. The main interests include the study of the origins and transport of pollution in the Eastern Mediterranean region using data from ground measurements or aircraft campaigns. In the field of climate change we use and process data from global climate models in order to obtain a better estimate of the future climate of the earth. The main focus is the study of change of extreme events due to anthropogenic impacts both regionally in Greece and in Europe. Moreover the impacts of climatic changes on several sectors are also examined. These sectors include forest fire risk, energy usage, population health and tourism. These two fields of interest complement each other since for the study of climatic changes, several greenhouse gas scenarios are used, whose composition arises from a detailed study of the chemistry of atmosphere.

Dr. Kambezidis HarryResearch Director

Dr. Kambezidis Harry
+30 210 3490119

Research Director, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 1988), M.Sc. and M.Phil. in Microwave Communications Engineering (University of Leeds, UK, 1976, 1979), B.Sc. in Physics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1974), B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering (University of Patras, Greece, 1984). Research interests and expertise in: solar radiation/energy, daylight, atmospheric turbidity, atmospheric aerosols, atmospheric pollution, corrosion of materials due to atmospheric factors, meteorology, climatology & climate change. More than 330 publications in national & international scientific journals and conferences. Participation in/coordination of more than 50 projects. Regular reviewer in 46 international scientific journals. Teaching experience by lecturing at Universities in the fields of environmental meteorology, solar energy and daylight. Founder & Head of the Atmospheric Research Team. Extensive administrative experience. Responsible scientists for the Actinometric Station at Thission. DAAD grant holder (1992).

Dr. Kotronarou AnastasiaResearch Director

Dr. Kotronarou Anastasia
+30 210 8109138

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering Science (CALTECH, U.S.A., 1991), M.Sc. in Public Health Engineering (Imperial College ? University of London, U.K., 1986), Civil Engineering Degree (National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1985), Law Degree (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 1997). Expertise in Environmental Field studies/Environmental Monitoring (air, noise & vibrations, water), Environmental Law, Environmental Management & Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Resources Management, Aquatic and Atmospheric Chemistry, Sanitary Engineering & Hydraulic Engineering Design, Renewable Energy Sources (Environmental impact of RES, Biomass), Wastewater Treatment, Programming - application of mathematical models for a number of environmental applications (water, air, noise). Project coordinator, scientist-in-charge and/or participant in over 100 projects financed by the European Commission, national Ministries and organizations, and the private sector; over 30 of them R&D projects co- funded by the European Commission under various EC programmes. Teaching on Liquid waste management and Biological treatment of wastewater, Environmental Impact Assessments; teaching assistant on Aquatic Chemistry, Chemical/ Biochemical Engineering for Water Quality control, introductory course to Environmental Engineering (graduate level).

Dr. Kotroni VassilikiResearch Director

Dr. Kotroni Vassiliki
+30 210 8109126

Research Director at NOA, born in 1965, has a PhD in Dynamic Meteorology (University Clermont-Ferrand, 1993). She has acted as Research Associate at University Athens (Meteorology Laboratory, Physics Dept.) during the period 1993-1998, while since 1999 joined the National Observatory of Athens. She has almost 20 years of experience on numerical weather prediction. She has authored or co-authored 85 papers published in refereed international journals, and 4 book chapters in the fields of mesoscale meteorology, meteorological modelling, and study of severe weather events in the Mediterranean. She has worked extensively with a number of meteorological models (MM5, BOLAM, WRF, RAMS). She has participated in and/or coordinated a large number of national and EU funded projects. Since 2013 is a member of the International Science Steering Committee of HYMEX project and she is acting as Topical Editor of Annales Geophysicae.

Dr. Koussis AntonisResearch Director

Dr. Koussis Antonis
+30 210 8109125

Water Resources Engineer/Hydrologist Dr. � Ing., Hydraulics-Hydrology, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt Dipl. Ing., Civil Engineering, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt Areas of expertise: Water resources engineering and management; numerical and analytical modelling of surface and subsurface hydrological processes and solute transport; hydrometry

Dr. Lagouvardos KostasResearch Director

Dr. Lagouvardos Kostas
+30 210 8109127

Research Director at NOA, born in 1964, has a PhD in Dynamic Meteorology (University PARIS 6, 1992). He has acted as a Research Associate in the CETP/CNRS (Centre d'étude des Environnements Terrestre et Planétaires) Paris, France during the period 1992-1993, in the Lab. of Meteorology of the Athens University (Physics Dept) during the period 1993-1998, at the National Observatory of Athens during the period 1999-2002. Since 2002 he joined the National Observatory of Athens. He has authored or co-authored more than 84 papers published in international journals in the fields of dynamic meteorology, mesoscale modelling and study of severe weather events in the Mediterranean and radar meteorology. He has worked extensively with a number of meteorological models (BOLAM, MM5, WRF, RAMS) and has participated in many European and National Research Programs as principal investigator. He has founded and coordinates a network of automated surface meteorological stations in Greece (250 stations in late 2013).

Dr. Assimakopoulou VassilikiSenior Researcher

Dr. Assimakopoulos Vasiliki
+30 210 8109135

Dr. Vasiliki Assimakopoulos, is a Civil and Environmental Engineer (MEng. 1997) with a PhD in "Urban Air Quality and Environmental Modelling" (2001, Imperial College, University of London, UK). Current research interests include: 1) Design and Implementation of scaled experiments in wind tunnels with modern instrumentation (Triple hot wire sensor) and field studies (Indoor and Outdoor areas). 2) Emission inventory development and application of Chemical Transport Models (MM5-CAMx). 3) Application of CFD codes (PHOENICS) for the study of the indoor and outdoor urban environment. She has been involved in over 20 projects, as coordinator or research associate funded by national, EU and/or private sources, she has more than 70 publications in peer reviewed international journals and conferences with more than 300 citations from other researchers.

Dr. Dascalaki Elena Senior Researcher

Dr. Dascalaki Elena
+30 210 8109143

Ph.D. (1998) Building Physics, M.Sc. (1990) Environmental Physics and B.Sc. (1987) Physicist from the Department of Physics, University of Athens. Active in the areas of building physics – thermal performance of buildings and energy conservation, rational use of energy in buildings, building typologies, EPBD transposition and the national regulation (KENAK), building thermal simulations, assessment of ventilation systems for building applications, CFD, energy audits, indoor air quality, renewable energy sources for building applications. Participation as leading researcher in various European and National Research Programmes. Member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources – CRES (2010-2013). National representative in the Annex 35 technical committee of the International Energy Agency working on Hybrid Ventilation.

Dr. Founda DimitraSenior Researcher

Dr. Founda Dimitra
+30 210 8109132

Dimitra Founda, Senior Researcher Ph.D. in Atmospheric Boundary Layer, M.Sc. in Meteorology, B. Sc., in Physics (University of Athens). Research interests and areas of expertise: research and development in the areas of Climatic change, Time series analysis, Climatology of Extreme Events, Urban climate, Meteorology, Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL), Turbulent flows, Wind flow over complex terrain. Participation in more than 20 International and National Research Projects. Reviewer of international scientific journals. Teaching experience on meteorology and climate change. Responsible for the historical climatic data base of IERSD/NOA.

Dr. Georgopoulou ElenaSenior Researcher

Dr. Georgopoulou Elena
+30 210 3256216

Chemical Engineer (NTUA), with a MSc in Environmental Management and a PhD in Energy Planning with Renewable Energies. From the beginning of her career she worked on environmental and energy related issues. Since 2000 she works as a researcher at IERSD/NOA. Her research topics include climate change mitigation, impacts and adaptation; regional and national energy planning; mitigation of air and industrial pollution; waste management; cost-benefit analysis of environmental measures; decision-aid methodologies and tools.

Dr. Kalogiros JohnSenior Researcher

Dr. Kalogiros John
+30 210 8109128

John Kalogiros B.Sc. degree (1989), M.Sc. (1991), and Ph.D. (1997) from the Physics Department of the University of Athens, Greece. During the time period 2000-2002 he was a research assistant in the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, US. He is a researcher in the Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens since 2002. His scientific interests and accomplishments lie in the research areas of rain and flood events with polarimetric weather radar observations and the atmospheric boundary layer with observations from instrumented aircraft, ships, buoys, acoustic sounder and masts.

Dr. Kazadzis StylianosSenior Researcher

Dr. Kazadzis Stylianos
+30 210 8109204

Studied Physics at the Physics Dept. of the Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki and received his degree in 1994. Had his M.Sc. at the field of "Environmental Physics" in 1996 at the same department and commenced with his Ph.D. Thesis in the field of Atmospheric solar radiation "Advances and applications of solar UV spectroradiometric measurements" obtaining his diploma in 2000. Worked as Post Doctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics (2001-2008) working in various EU projects (SUVDAMA, EDUCE, ADMIRA, INSPECTRO, QASUME, SCOUT, e.t.c.) and was involved with solar radiation, aerosol measurement and satellite research. Also, he worked at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, (Climate Change Unit), Finland (2008-2009) as a Marie Curie post-doc IEF Fellow on Satellite measurements of UV radiation and aerosol optical properties and employed at the National Observatory of Athens in 2009 as Associate Researcher. He has published more than 60 articles as a first author or co-author in peer reviewed journals and more than 80 articles in conference proceedings. He has received the Greek State post doctoral fellowship (2002), the Aristotle University post-doc fellowship on aerosol research (2008) and two Marie Curie EU fellowships grants (IEF 2008-2009 and European Return Grant 2010-2013). Research Interests: Solar radiation measurements' effects and applications, Research on aerosol optical properties, Stratospheric ozone research, Satellite remote sensing, Solar Energy Applications

Dr. Mirasgedis SevastianosSenior Researcher

Dr. Mirasgedis Sevastianos
+30 210 3256218

Dr. Sebastian Mirasgedis is a Senior Researcher at NOA. Dr. Mirasgedis holds a Ph.D. in energy and environmental economics and a degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He has been working on the simulation of energy systems for energy planning and emission projections as well as on the economic and environmental evaluation of policy measures. He has participated in a large number of studies on environmental external cost assessment and has published extensively on these subjects.

Dr. Psiloglou VassilisSenior Researcher

Dr. Psiloglou Vassilis
+30 210 8109133

He works as Senior Researcher at the Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens. He received his B.Sc. degree in Mathematics (1989) from the Dept. of Mathematics of the University of Athens, Greece. He has also been awarded with a M.Sc. in Meteorology and Atmospheric Environment (1992) and a Ph.D. degree in Atmospheric Physics (1997), both from the Dept. of Physics of the University of Athens, Greece. His current research topics of scientific interests despite solar radiation research, modelling and applications, are air-quality and meteorological measurements, environmental management and risk assessment using GIS techniques, analysis of climate change impacts, air pollution and meteorological instrumentation.

Dr. Retalis AdrianosSenior Researcher

Dr. Retalis Adrianos
+30 210 8109201

Dr Adrianos Retalis is Senior Researcher at IERSD/NOA. He holds a Doctorate (University of Athens, Greece) and M.Sc. degree (University of Dundee, UK) in Remote Sensing and Degree in Geology (University of Athens, Greece). Research interests & Accomplishments: He has a wide range of expertise in satellite image processing for air pollution monitoring and assessment, land use/cover mapping, development of atmospheric correction algorithms, natural hazards, environmental management and atmospheric electricity. Participation in more than 20 National and European funded projects as expert researcher or coordinator.. Author of more than 100 publications in scientific journals and international conferences. Reviewer for peer-reviewed journals and proposals. Teaching on Remote Sensing. Member of several international remote sensing scientific bodies.

Dr. Sakellariou NikolaosSenior Researcher

Dr. Sakellariou Nikolaos
+30 210 8109149

Senior Researcher at the Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens. Ph.D. in Satellite Meteorology, University of McGill, Canada. MSc. in Meteorology, University of McGill, Canada. BS. in Physics, University of Athens, Greece. His research topics of scientific interests are climatology and climate change.

Dr. Sarafidis IoannisSenior Researcher

Dr. Sarafidis Ioannis
+30 210 3256217

Dr. Yannis Sarafidis is a Senior Researcher at NOA. He is a Chemical Engineer and holds a Ph.D. diploma in the field of "Energy planning and Decision Support Systems". His activities include emission inventories and projections; energy modeling and planning; assessment of policies and measures for emissions reduction; assessment of climate change impacts. He has participated in a number of relevant research projects and has published more than 35 articles in international journals and conference proceedings.

Dr. Liakakou EleniAssociate Researcher

Dr. Liakakou Eleni
+30 210 8109139

Associate researcher, chemist with MSc in Environmental Engineering and PhD in the field of Atmospheric Chemistry. Technical Manager – Main analyst of the Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory of the National Observatory of Athens (ACL/NOA) with duties on application of the ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 quality assurance standard and use/calibration of samplers and laboratory analytical equipment. Areas of interest: field measurements, environmental analytical chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, air quality

Dr. Rozos EvaggelosAssociate Researcher

Dr. Rozos Evaggelos
+30 210 8109125

Dr. Katsanos DimitrisResearch Scientist

Dr. Katsanos Dimitris
+30 210 8109136

Ph.D. Physics, University of Patras, Greece, 2007, MSc. Environmental Physics, University of Athens, Greece, 2001, BS. of Physics, Department of Physics, University of Athens, Greece, 1998. Areas of expertise: Precipitation Science, Remote Sensing of Precipitation, Thunderstorms and Lightning, Numerical Weather Prediction Models

Dr. Lianou MariaResearch Scientist

Dr. Lianou Maria
+30 210 8109131

Physicist. B.Sc University of Ioannina (1994), MSc in Environmental Physics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1998) and a Ph.D on Atmospheric Aerosols, Environmental Engineering School, Technical University of Crete (2010). Associate Researcher (1998-2001) and Scientific Technical Staff (2001 to date). Research interests in the areas of: atmospheric aerosols, atmospheric pollution and air quality (indoor-outdoor), environmental impact, meteorology and geographic information system (GIS).

Ms. Mazi KaterinaResearch Scientist

Dr. Mazi Katerina
+30 210 8109125

Hydrogeologist, PhD. PhD, Stockholm University, Dpt. Physical Geography & Quaternary Geology, MSc., Science & Engineering of Water Resources, National Technical University of Athens, BSc., Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Areas of interest: Hydrogeology; seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers; application of GIS in hydrology

Dr. Metaxatos AngelinaResearch Scientist

Dr. Metaxatos Angelina
+30 210 8109154

Ph.D. in Marine Science, MSc. in Oceanography, M.Sc in Public Health, B. Sc., in Biology. Research interests and areas of expertise: Sustainable development , marine coastal sustainable management and bivalve ecology. Participation in International Research Projects, European fisheries framework programs for protection of marine environment and conservation of marine resources. Director of Research Support and Head of Museum of Geoastrophysics of NOA

Ms. Papagiannaki KaterinaResearch Scientist

Dr. Papagiannaki Katerina
+30 210 8109134

Chemist, specialized in index decomposition analysis and assessment of policy strategies for climate change mitigation. Major research interests lie in the area of societal impacts from weather events, climate change impacts and estimation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ms. Droutsa KalliopiScientific Tech - Staff

Ms. Droutsa Kalliopi
+30 210 8109144

Environmental Physicist, Research Associate.Active in the areas of energy conservation, renewable energy sources, building energy audits and building retrofitting, environmental impact of buildings, indoor environment, software development (TEE-KENAK, EPIQR, TOBUS) and computer tools. Participant in the development of ΤΕΕ-ΚΕΝΑΚ software, Technical Guidelines and Educational Material by the Technical Chamber of Greece. Participation as research assistant in various European and National Research Programmes. Member of Group Energy Conservation in IERSD

Mr. Kontogiannidis SimonScientific Tech - Staff

Mr. Kontogiannidis Simon
+30 210 8109145

Environmental Physicist, Research Associate.Active in the areas energy conservation, programming and multimedia software development (Solar Control, Solar assisted absorption heat pump), design and perform experiments for studying meteorological parameters and air quality parameters, statistical analysis and data processing, web pages, multimedia tools and software development. Developer of the official software used for building energy audits and labelling (TEE-KENAK) in Greece. Participant in the development of Technical Guidelines and Educational Material by the Technical Chamber of Greece. Designer and developer of various web pages (ASHRAE Region at Large, Hellenic Chapter of ASHRAE, Hellenic TABULA, Group Energy Conservation, Hellenic DATAMINE, XENIOS), web tools (eKIA, SACE, ELVAL) and Multimedia CD-ROMS. Participation as research assistant in various European and National Research Programmes.

Ms. Kopania TheodoraScientific Tech - Staff

Ms. Kopania Theodora
+30 210 8109198

Scientific Technical Staff, BSc Physicist, MSc "Environmental Impact Assessment, Auditing and Management Systems". Research Activities: solar radiaton, air quality, atmospheric physics and chemistry, remote sensing, meteorology, climatology and climate change.

Mr. Pierros FrangiskosScientific Tech - Staff

Mr. Pierros Frangiskos
+30 210 8109209

Physicist – Technical Scientific Personnel at the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD), National Observatory of Athens (NOA). EDUCATION: D.E.A. (MSc) in Energy – Solar Energy – Thermal Applications (Univ. Paris 7, France). Ptychion (BSc) in Physics (National & Kapodistrian Univ. of Athens, Athens, Greece).DUTIES IN IERSD: 2008 - Present: Meteorological and climatic data management, quality control and relevant computer application development. Meteorological observations. FOREIGN LANGUAGES: English, French. COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE: Windows and Unix-like operating systems, Application development in various programming languages, RDBMS, MS Office

Mr. Roukounakis NikosScientific Tech - Staff

Mr. Roukounakis Nikos
+30 210 8109208

I am currently working as a Research Scientist at the Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, providing technical and scientific support to various research projects and activities. Expertise in: a) Air quality monitoring, pollution control and dispersion modelling, b) Environmental noise monitoring and modelling, c) Renewable energy technologies with emphasis on techno-economic assessment, d) Remote sensing and environmental monitoring, e) Climate change and modelling. Since I joined the Institute in 2008, I have participated in the following research programs: a) VillemiZero, Sustainable Mobility in Europe INTERREG III Medocc Program, b) Noise and air quality impacts from the operation of Athens International Airport, c) Noise, vibration and atmospheric pollution monitoring in the region of the Rion Bridge, d) CYPADAPT, Adaptation to Climate Change Adverse Impacts in Cyprus

Mr. Kappos NikosTech & Support Staff

Mr. Kappos Nikos
+30 210 8109139

Nikolaos Kappos, Technical Staff, Bachelor of Technological Educational Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Main activities and responsibilities: - Meteorological Observations & Measurements. - Instrumentation Servicing, Repairing, Calibration. - Editing Meteorological Data. - Participation on Research Fields, field experiments. - Placement of meteorological stations - instruments, water level stations. Other: use of tools, small construnctions.

Ms. Papadaki LiaSecretary of IERSD

Ms. Papadaki Lia
+30 210 8109122

Mr. Mitsopoulos VassilisTech & Support Staff

Mr. Mitsopoulos Vassilis
+30 210 3490142

Computer operator - Observer of Thissio mete?rological station. Gathering and processing meteorological data, as well as provision of technical support for Thissio meteorological station.

Ms. Athanasopoulou Eleni
+30 210 8109137

Mr. Bezes Antonis
+30 210 8109140

Mr. Dafis Stavros
+30 210 8109203

Mr. Flaounas Emmanouil
+30 210 8109151

Mr. Gakis Nikolaos
+30 210 3256212

Ms. Galanaki Elisavet
+30 210 8109203

Dr. Giannaros Thodoris
+30 210 8109203

Mr. Giavis Giorgos
+30 210 3490121

Ms. Gratsea Myrto
+30 210 8109139

Dr. Hatzaki Maria
+30 210 8109137

Ms. Hontou Vassiliki
+30 210 3256212

Dr. Karagiannidis Athanasios
+30 210 8109203

Ms. Karali Anna
+30 210 8109151

Dr. Kaskaoutis Dimitris
+30 210 3490121

Dr. Koletsis Giannis
+30 210 8109203

Lemesios Giannis
+30 210 8109122

Dr. Mazarakis Nikos
+30 210 8109203

Ms. Paraskevopoulou Despina
+30 210 8109141

Mr. Petsikos Harry
+30 210 3256212

Mr. Roussos Anargyros
+30 210 8109137

Mr. Vafeiadis Vasilis
+30 210 8109140

Mr. Varotsos Costas
+30 210 8109137

Mr. Vougioukas Stratis
+30 210 8109203

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