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IERSD since its founding has got as a main goal the study of the Environment following an integrated/multidisciplinary approach, performing leading edge research and providing high quality services.

Currently, the Institute's strategy is based upon the following pillars:

  1. Extension of its nation-wide weather monitoring networks and development of reliable databases.

  2. Integrated monitoring of environmental pressures, focusing on atmospheric quality, following multidisciplinary approaches and applying synergies between different methodologies and tools.

  3. Improvement of the understanding, monitoring and forecasting of meteorological parameters and their integration in methodologies tools and services.

  4. Development of tools and methodologies for the analysis of future climate projections in Europe/the Mediterranean Basin, the estimation of the impacts of climate change and the assessment of adaptation and mitigation strategies.

  5. Development of methodological tools for the assessment of the building energy performance to reach nearly-zero energy buildings (NZEB).

In this frame, the following activities were gradually initiated:

Atmospheric Environment Covering a wide range of activities including the investigation of physico-chemical processes in the atmosphere based on observations and models, air quality and other environmental pressure studies.

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Meteorology and Hydrology Incorporating meteorological and hydrological observations and modelling with emphasis on extreme hydrometeorological events and the study of surface and underground water bodies.

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Climate and Climate Change Focusing on studies of the past, current and future climate trends and extremes, on the assessment of the environmental, financial and social impacts of climate change and on adaptation and mitigation measures.

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Energy Dealing with building typologies, energy efficiency in the built environment and the cost effectiveness of building stock refurbishment towards NZEBs.

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