Solar Energy Applications Consultancy

Solar Energy Calculation and Forecast on Any Orientation and Area

  • Calculation of solar radiation on horizontal and inclined surfaces for any area of the country.
  • Production of solar maps for solar energy applications for any area of the country.
  • Provision of forecasting solar energy tools for large solar plants (PV and CSP), managers of electrical networks and enterprises active in the production and trading of electricity and individuals, for any desired geographical area.
  • Use of global databases for calculating solar energy on any orientation/surface with real conditions and cloudless sky conditions, for the calculation of the efficiency of solar photovoltaic parks with different yields.
  • Solar radiation measurements on horizontal and inclined surfaces.

Researchers Involved
Dr. Kambezidis HarryResearch Director

Dr. Kambezidis Harry
+30 210 3490119

Dr. Kazadzis StylianosSenior Researcher

Dr. Kazadzis Stylianos
+30 210 8109204

Dr. Psiloglou VassilisSenior Researcher

Dr. Psiloglou Vassilis
+30 210 8109133

Dr. Kotroni VassilikiResearch Director

Dr. Kotroni Vassiliki
+30 210 8109126

Dr. Lagouvardos KostasResearch Director

Dr. Lagouvardos Kostas
+30 210 8109127

Staff Involved

Ms. Kopania Theodora



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