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Air Temperature airTemp °C 25.2
Mean Sea Level Pressure mslPres hPa 1018.7
Relative Humidity relHumi % 49.
Dew Point Temperature dewTemp °C 13.9
Precipitation insPrec mm 0.0
Cumulative Precipitation (1) cumPrec mm 0.0
Global Horizontal Irradiance (2) gloIrra W/m2 0.
Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (2) difIrra W/m2 0.
Maximum Wind Vector Speed (3) maxWind m/s 1.9
Mean Wind Vector Speed (3) aveWind m/s 0.9
Mean Wind Vector Direction (3) dirWind deg 84.
StDev Wind Vector Direction (3) stdWind deg 21.
Heat Index (4) heatIdx °C 25.2
Wind Chill (5) windChl °C 25.2
Global Tilted 40 South Irradiance (6) gloT40S W/m2 0.
Global Tilted 90 South Irradiance (6) gloT90S W/m2 0.
Global Tilted 90 East Irradiance (6) gloT90E W/m2 0.
Global Tilted 90 West Irradiance (6) gloT90W W/m2 0.
Last Updated:  13-08-2020, 22:31
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The data presented are collected on-line from the Meteorological & Actinometric Station of the IERSD-NOA, located at Larisa area.

These data are updated every 10 minutes.

The automatic meteorological station at Larisa is deployed by IERSD/NOA under collaboration with the Institute of Industrial & Forage Crops (IIFC). Thanks to Dr. L. Toulios General Director of IIFC, A. Tsitouras from IIFC and N. Kappos from NOA for their valuable help during the station deployment.

(1) The value of the cumulative precipitation is reset to zero at 08:00 and at 20:00 every day.
(2) The values of irradiance are referred to horizontal plane.
(3) The wind measurments are at 10m above the ground.
(4) The values of Heat or Discomfort Index are estimated using Air Temperature and Relative Humidity measurements.
(5) The values of Wind Chill are estimated using Air Temperature and Wind Speed measurements.
(6) The values of irradiance on tilted surfaces with different orientations are estimated incorporating HAY's model.

For PV applications, estimation of irradiance received on different tilted surfaces and using different models can be available after communication with the Reseacher involved.

Position of Larisa Station

Latitude: 39 36.59' N.
Longitude: 22 25.33' E.
Height above sea level: 110 m

Starting Day: January 2019

Researchers Involved
Dr. Psiloglou VassilisSenior Researcher

Dr. Psiloglou Vassilis
+30 210 8109133

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