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Megara Site On-line Information

Parameter Code Units Value
Air Temperature airTemp °C 19.0
Mean Sea Level Pressure mslPres hPa 1009.8
Relative Humidity relHumi % 82.
Precipitation insPrec mm 0.0
Cumulative Precipitation (1) cumPrec mm 4.0
Global Horizontal Irradiance (2) gloIrra W/m2 120.
Maximum Wind Vector Speed (3) maxWind m/s 2.1
Mean Wind Vector Speed (3) aveWind m/s 2.0
Mean Wind Vector Direction (3) dirWind deg 39.
StDev Wind Vector Direction (3) stdWind deg 8.
LastUpdated:  28-05-2015, 15:40


For information and data from MELI automatic station,
please contact Dr. B. Psiloglou

The data presented are collected on-line from the automated station
of the
Environmental Laboratory of the Municipality of Megara
located in the district MELI, Megara.
These data are updated every 10 minutes.

37° 59.07' N 
23° 20.60' E 
 Height above sea level

(1) The value of the cumulative precipitation is reset to zero at 08:00 and at 20:00 every day.

(2) The values of the illuminance and irradiance are referred to horizontal plane.

(3) The wind measurments are at 10m above the ground.










































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