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Air Temperature airTemp °C 14.9
Mean Sea Level Pressure mslPres hPa 1015.9
Relative Humidity relHumi % 46.
Precipitation insPrec mm 0.0
Cumulative Precipitation (1) cumPrec mm 0.0
Illuminance (2) Illumin lux 34017.
Global Horizontal Irradiance (2) gloIrra W/m2 318.
Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (2) difIrra W/m2 281.
Maximum Wind Vector Speed (3) maxWind m/s 13.8
Mean Wind Vector Speed (3) aveWind m/s 12.8
Mean Wind Vector Direction (3) dirWind deg 37.
StDev Wind Vector Direction (3) stdWind deg 5.
Last Updated:  30-03-2017, 12:40


The data presented are collected on-line from the Meteorological & Actinometric Station of the IERSD-NOA, located on the Hill of Koufou at Penteli area.

These data are updated every 10 minutes.

(1) The value of the cumulative precipitation is reset to zero at 08:00 and at 20:00 every day.
(2) The values of the illuminance and irradiance are referred to horizontal plane.
(3) The wind measurments are at 10m above the ground.

Position of Penteli Station

Latitude: 38 2.94' N.
Longitude: 23 51.78' E.
Height above sea level: 495m

Researchers Involved
Dr. Psiloglou VassilisSenior Researcher

Dr. Psiloglou Vassilis
+30 210 8109133

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